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Female-owned and operated since 2021, Priscilla Ross Smith founded The Coven in Lyon, France after over a decade in sales.  In its first year, the sales agency picked up We Need to Do Something from the producers of the Saw franchise, Dark Blood starring John Leguizamo, and the now infamous Terrifier 2, which hit over $15M at the worldwide box office and quickly became viral, highlighted in the New York Times and Howard Stern.  It also caught the eyes of Stephen King, Mike Flanagan, and more horror greats, and has changed the game for independent horror films in mainstream theaters and media.  Announced in June 2023, Terrifier 3 will be financed and sold by The Coven for worldwide rights.

Industry veteran Kendall Anlian joined Smith in The Coven in October 2022 and runs the Los Angeles office, also bringing more than a decade of film sales and production to the table.  Together, they are focused on bringing in more elevated genre content and also more TV-friendly genres through sister company Foxglove Entertainment.  Under Foxglove, the pair recently acquired Australia's Best Indy Film at the AACTA awards, A Stitch in Time, starring Hoa Xuande who stars in the upcoming The Sympathizer, directed by Park Chan-Wook and co-starring Robert Downey Jr.

The Coven is moving into production in 2023, and currently seeks high-profile packages for the label, paying special attention to clever horror or fantastic genres, and from new or underrepresented voices.  In addition, the company plans to be active in the French co-production space in the near future, in both film and TV.

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